Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Before the rain started....

...our irises were blooming. The large iris is "Heather Blush" and the small purple and brown iris is "Gizmo the Gremlin." Yes, those petals are really brown. We couldn't resist Gizmo -- we bought it because we liked the name.

I actually think Gizmo is rather charming. It's certainly very unusual.

It rained all day today. The new flowerbed Brian prepared over the weekend has turned into a sea of mud. The irises are sodden. DFW airport has reported 4.5" of rain so far today, and I believe we've gotten a little more than that.


Fannie said...

I hope your Irises survive, Heather. The thunderstorm was wild, wasn't it?

Heather P said...

Yes, we got a lot of rain and wind. But my irises looked ok by this afternoon.

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