Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Daily Creative Exercises

In my January class with Susie Monday I set some personal goals. One of which was to start each day with a quick creative exercise. I have several different types of quickie exercises -- Notans (Japanese paper cutting exercises), exploding geometric shapes into tiny pieces, and perhaps my favorite of all, carving a stamp.

These are three of the stamps I've carved this week. Two were carved on linoleum blocks and the little one on a Magic Rub eraser.

Another stamp and a Notan. The Notans are always a surprise when I put the pieces back together!

The raw materials. I purchased the carving blocks and linoleum cutter from Dick Blick.

Doing a little something every morning really jumpstarts my day. And the stamps are useful as well -- I can't wait to use them to stamp fabric!

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Heather - love your stamps. I've got to try. I admire your doing something every day - my goal for the year is to do a postcard every day, often trying out something I haven't before. Since it's only a postcard, I'm more apt to do that. Connie

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