Sunday, March 16, 2008

Final quilt from Liz Berg class

30 years ago, as a geology major in college, I found the colors, textures and shapes of rocks and minerals in thin section absolutely fascinating. A bland piece of white rock viewed under the microscope often showed a riot of brilliant color and chaotic structure. I spent hours in the mineralogy lab making sketches and taking micro photographs of some of the more spectacular thin sections, and I've recently been mulling over the idea of using them as the inspiration for a series of quilts."Spiral Inclusion" is from one of the photographs. The bright fuchsia background is feldspar, and the blues and yellows are quartz and various other minerals. The spiral was formed during the crystallization process. The quilt is currently 27" x 21".

I made this quilt as my final project for my Design class. It's not quilted yet, obviously.

Today (Sunday) I have spent quilting the TVQG donation quilt. It will probably take another full day of quilting to finish it. And then I have three client quilts to finish. So it'll be a while before I post the finished project.


Fannie said...

You're busy, Heather! Nice work.

Jacq said...

Your blog is very nice and I have enjoyed reading it.

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