Monday, March 3, 2008

A Squirrelly Weekend

We had an unexpected visitor this weekend. Sunday morning, while we were making brunch, we heard a terrible squealing noise. We ran outside and found the neighbor's cat playing with a baby squirrel. It was very gusty, and the poor baby had fallen out of a tree. He (or she, it's hard to tell) is about three weeks old, with a little bit of fuzz and tightly closed eyes. He seemed uninjured, just terribly frightened.

We put him in a box and brought him inside while we did a little internet research. All the animal rescue sites said to give the mother a chance to find the baby, so we tied the box up in the branches of the tree we found him under. After 5 hours, though, it started to get dark and the temperature started to drop, so we brought him inside. Good thing, too. It started to rain a few minutes later.
We put the box on a heating pad and called the DFW Wildlife Rescue hotline. They put us in touch with a local rehabilitator. She can't take him until Monday afternoon, so she advised us to keep him warm and feed him little drops of pedialite every few hours.

The pictures above are from his noon feeding. He is pretty cute. For a squirrel.

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