Sunday, May 11, 2008

Road Trip to Cleveland -- Part Three

More Cleveland Botanic Garden shots. First, a pink trillium in the woodland garden:

Azaleas in bloom in the Japanese Garden. I often sketched here as a child.

Of course, we visited the Cleveland Institute of Music. Chris is finishing his Masters degree here and coincidentally, this is where I took weekly clarinet lessons as a high school student. The facade looked very different, but the basement, where I took my lessons, looked and sounded exactly the same. It was very eery.

Rhonda and I drove through my old neighborhood and past my old high school, Charles F. Brush. Here's the front...

...and a marker in front of the football field. Rhonda thought it looked like a tombstone. Actually, the football team was pretty dead while I was there...

It's good to be back home in Texas, but I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Cleveland. In my heart, I guess Cleveland will always be my true home. Hope I get to go back again some day!


Fannie said...

Love your photos, Heather. Looks like you took a trip down memory lane. ;-D

Jacq said...

Your photos are great. Love all the flowers.

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