Friday, July 11, 2008

Bamboo & Pinwheels

I just finished a client quilt. The pattern is "Bamboo & Pinwheels."

I quilted it diagonally with ferny feathers. Here's a shot of the back:

And a closeup of the front:

Nice quilt, beautifully pieced and a joy to quilt!

I've also quilted two small art quilts of my own this week. I'll post pictures as soon as I'm through with the embellishments.


Fannie said...

Beautiful, Heather. The back looks great too! Outstanding quilting.

Jacq said...

Your quilt is wonderful. Did you quilt it on a long arm?

Heather P said...

Thanks, Fannie and Jacq! Yes, I quilted it on my longarm. I have a Gammill, and I love it!

Vivien said...

Beautiful work, Heather! I'll be sure to come back.

Heather P said...

Thanks, Vivien!

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