Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Few More Garden Pictures...

Can you tell we love lilies? Both the species (lilium) and the common daylily. This one is a lovely pink and yellow-green: This one is one of my very favorite colors -- yellow-orange -- the color of cheddar cheese:
I love the dramatic stamens on this one. And the orange color:
This one is rather uniquely colored. Reddish-pink and yellow. And it has a very unusual form:
A shot of the front garden with my beloved cheddar colored daylily, spikes of liatris, the reddish leaves of a canna and a mallow with blooms the size of sandwich plates:
The turtles are enjoying the warm weather. Here is Tug (top) and Em (our shy little female, on the bottom). If you click on Em's picture, you may be able to make out the "M" on her shell. It's on her left shoulder.

Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the US. I plan to spend the afternoon decorating the house and yard with flags and bunting. Our neighborhood 4th of July parade starts in front of our house, and I want it to look it's best!

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