Friday, August 22, 2008

Workshop with Harriet Hargrave

I've just returned from a three day visit to the Compass Centre. What a great place for a retreat! If you live in Texas, check it out. Melissa is a wonderful hostess and a fabulous cook.

I was attending a workshop called "Perfect Piecing" with Harriet Hargrave. We learned some great techniques to make piecing more precise. And we made a beautiful quilt along the way.

Here are Rhonda's and my quilts in progress:

The instructions had specified reproduction prints, and ever the rebel, I instead brought my own hand dyed fabric and a couple of wild commercial prints. So my quilt was a wee bit different. Which I consider to be a good thing.

Harriet hard at work:

My quilt right before I took it off the design wall:


Suzanne Earley said...

yours is way cooler in the brights than those boring old repros ;)

Jacq said...

Your quilt is wonderful, I admire a person who does things "her" way.

Randi said...

I definitely like yours best!

Lynn Douglass said...

Hats off to another rebel! I love your color choices!

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