Thursday, January 15, 2009

Workshop with Joe Cunningham

I just got home from a wonderful day spent in a workshop with Joe Cunningham. Joe is a marvelously talented man who specializes in both improvisational piecing and improvisational quilting. The workshop today focused on piecing.

Joe showed us several quilts he had pieced in this free form manner. The quilt shown above is called "My Own Fault." I believe he is holding it sideways in the picture. The earth seems to be running vertically across the left side of the quilt. It was sliced and pieced like the quilts we did in the workshop.

Gay, Joe, Mona and I during the workshop:

We had a lot of fun!

My quilt was pieced using three fabrics: some hand-dyed red violet (the last couple of dyeing days I have dyed a lot of red violet. One of my favorite colors) and a spiral batik and an orange/pink batik (both commercially dyed). The blocks were fun to make, but it was even more fun to play with the arrangement:

I really like my finished quilt! I grouped the larger pieces of purple together and then arranged the purple tendrils and spikes so that they more or less radiated from the purple mass. Kind of like a purple sun:

Ok, maybe you have to squint to see the purple sun. But I think that's going to be it's name. 'Cause I see it.


Kama @ Today's Housewife said...

Super cool!!! I just started quilting and found your blog from quilting blogs. I can't wait to finish my first quilt!!

Jacq said...

I love this piece, the colors are wonderful.

Stitchwhiz said...

I like it a lot, Heather. It's very you. I really enjoyed Joe's musical performance. You're right he is one very talented guy.

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