Monday, February 23, 2009

Finished several client quilts!

I've been quilting up a storm these last two weeks, in part because Boomer and I are banished to the studio. Workmen are repairing our pier and beam foundation, and Boom and I prefer to stay upstairs where it is much less messy and noisy. I'm actually current on client quilts, and have even quilted a few of my own pieces. Hooray!

I'll just show a few of the client quilts right now. Cindy gave me two little gems to quilt for her. The first is a "Fabulous Fall" quilt:

I quilted the quilt with an overall of curly-swirls, leaves and butterflies:

The second quilt was a cute Mother Goose baby quilt. I quilted it with a starflower and swirls:

The whole quilt -- soooo cute!
I'll show pictures of some of my own quilts tomorrow!

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