Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Work Part 2

A few more of my fiber art pieces that I finished last week. First, "Purple Sun." I made the top during a class with Joe Cunningham:

I quilted flames in the oranges and swirly batik and an angular pattern in the purple:

The second is a top I pulled out of my personal "to be quilted" pile, which has been growing over the last two years. Some of them are actually starting to turn into compost (not really. But the quilts on the bottom are really really old). This first one is a star made entirely of half square triangles:

The quilting in the star shows up better on the back. I did CC (continuous curve) in the half square triangles:

I quilted feathers in the background, swirls in the inner border and feathers in the outer border:

This quilt may look really familiar, and if so, it's for a very good reason. It's very similar to the quilt I gave Carol for her 50th birthday. Brian loved it, so I made another. I'm calling it "Solar Dance II":
I'm back to quilting client quilts this week. But maybe I can sneak another of mine on the frame...

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Randi said...

Really pretty, Heather!

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