Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Work Part 1

I quilted 5 of my own small fiber pieces last week. It was wonderful! And so much fun -- I love to be able to "play" and experiment. Can't do that on a client quilt.

The first is "Fractures #4." I played with different patterns in all of the different pieced sections:

A couple of closeups. Some of the quilting was angular, some was very amoeba-like:

"Block Study #7" was quilted in a similar fashion. I had a great time "inventing" new patterns to go in the different sections:

I used some beautiful fabric on the back. It's a commercial print, but the colors and patterns make me very happy. And the quilting shows up really well:

I also quilted "Block Study #6," but it has already been sent to Dallas for the Dallas Quilt Celebration. It starts March 13. I'll get pictures of it hanging there!

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