Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Received From Carol Soderlund...

A picture of the students in the "Color Mixing for Dyers" class!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Turtle Awakening Day!

I got home yesterday, and the turtles came out of hibernation today. Can it be a coincidence? Perhaps they were waiting for me! All three emerged from their turtle hole today and all three were famished. Good thing I was back to provide their first meal!

Carol Soderlund class -- part 2

I'm home! It's been an exciting two weeks, learning the science of dyeing fabric from the amazing Carol Soderlund. If you ever get a chance to take one of her classes, do so. She is brilliant!

Here she is during the "Think Silk!" class showing off one of her pieces:

The two large pieces in this photo are Wendy's and mine. Wendy's is on the left, mine is on the right:

Pieces by other students in the class:

After the "Think Silk!" class, Wendy and I were joined by Nancy (another member of studio Q) for the "Color Mixing for Dyers" class. It was every bit as fabulous as "Think Silk!" I really feel that I can dye any piece of cotton or silk with predictable results.

The Crow Timber Frame Barn is a wonderful place. Nancy and her husband, John, were very welcoming, and Margaret, the chef, fed us tasty and nutritious meals that kept us going full strength. I hope to go back there soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dyeing Class In Progress

Whoo hoo! I'm in the middle of a dyeing class, "Think Silk," taught by the fabulous Carol Soderlund. We're taking it at the Crow Timber Frame Barn, which is also pretty darn fabulous. And, predictably, I'm having a fabulous time!

Carol is having us dye gradations using various trios of "pure" primaries. Wendy and I were assigned the Sun Yellow, Mixing Red and Turquoise group.

Wendy hard at work with the turquoise dye:

And our finished fabric. Who would have thought we could mix all those colors with just three dyes?

We have also been doing some shibori -- our stitch shibori piece is batching tonight, and we'll be able to unfold it tomorrow morning. Can't wait to see it!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Springtime in Ohio

I am enjoying my time in Ohio. It is still very cool here, but the spring flowers are blooming and the trees are budding. And it smells very green -- the smell of the earth coming back to life after a cold winter.

Today, Andrew, Jennifer and I visited their friend Joan at Indian Lake. We spent the afternoon playing bridge -- it was a wonderful day despite Andy's and my bad luck with the cards. Here are Jennifer, Andrew and Joan on Joan's deck:

Andy and I:

I took a walk along the Olentangy River near Andy's house yesterday. It was beautiful!

Andy and Jennifer's house:

A magnolia in bloom. Glorious!
Tomorrow I pick Wendy up at the airport and we will head to Baltimore. Our two weeks at Nancy Crow's Timer Frame Barn will officially start. I can't wait!

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