Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dyeing Class In Progress

Whoo hoo! I'm in the middle of a dyeing class, "Think Silk," taught by the fabulous Carol Soderlund. We're taking it at the Crow Timber Frame Barn, which is also pretty darn fabulous. And, predictably, I'm having a fabulous time!

Carol is having us dye gradations using various trios of "pure" primaries. Wendy and I were assigned the Sun Yellow, Mixing Red and Turquoise group.

Wendy hard at work with the turquoise dye:

And our finished fabric. Who would have thought we could mix all those colors with just three dyes?

We have also been doing some shibori -- our stitch shibori piece is batching tonight, and we'll be able to unfold it tomorrow morning. Can't wait to see it!


TextileTraveler said...

Wow, sounds like great fun! I've heard she's a wonderful teacher and I'd love to take a class with her some day.

Stitchwhiz said...

Sounds like a great experience all around and I envy your time spent in Ohio. I just got the guild newsletter today with your message. We'll miss you next week. I too am looking forward to Marsha McCloskey. Wendy is very photogenic. Safe travels and see you next month.

Jay said...

Oh, terrific!!! Can't wait to see all your fabric and hear all about it!!! I almost said.."Have fun" though you needed to be told!! Jay

Clevelandgirlie said...

Wow - I'll take three of each color please! How fun - and what great results. Good for you. Coloring fabric is fun - isn't it!

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