Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 1 at the Crow Barn

I'm at the Crow Barn in Baltimore, Ohio, for a class with Jan Myers-Newbury. We are learning the art of Shibori, and having a really wonderful time!

I think autumn is the best time to visit Ohio. The fall foliage is so beautiful -- we just don't get the same depth and variety of colors in Texas. The Crow Barn is southeast of Columbus in a very rural area.

Monday was warm and sunny. I took a walk, and snapped a few photos:

There are many styles of Shibori. Jan is showing us how she underpaints with dye before wrapping fabric on a pole:

My first few efforts. I'll post pictures later of these pieces -- I have since overdyed them and they have turned from mildly cool to pretty darned fabulous:

More later....

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