Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Works in Progress

Two quick pics of tops I have just finished. Bad pictures, but both quilts are rather large and I photographed them laid across a double bed. The weird perspective is the result of my precarious perch on a desk chair. Anyway, here is Sticks #3 (64" x 64"):

And Sticks #4 (52" x 62"):


Kim S said...

Those are so cool!!! I always enjoy seeing what you are working on.

Karla said...

Loved your blog spot, I go to Marty's Fiber Musing a lot and you had visited there, so I checked you out. We are in Louisiana.

Good luck on your quilts!

How long did it take you to get used to quilting on a long arm?
I'm rural and have thought of investing in one, but I'm just afraid that I wouldn't be comfortable quilting for others.

Nice talking

Karla in Louisiana

Heather P said...

Thank you both! Karla, I loved the longarm from the first time I tried it. I had been quilting on my domestic sewing machine for years, and it is so much easier on the longarm. They do have small longarms (sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it?). I know Gammill has a smaller machine and table. I'm sure the other manufacturers do as well.

As for quilting for clients, it can be nerve wracking. But I love to see the variety of quilts that come in. Every single one has some unique beauty, and I love working to enhance it.

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