Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another gradation

More dyeing on Tuesday. 7 yards, including a 5 step warm brown gradation (above). I also dyed 2 yards with the "leftover" dye stock, just dumping it willy-nilly into another bucket. The "surprise!" fabric turned out a lovely khaki brown. Dumping unmeasured dye stock made me feel vaguely guilty, but in an odd way it was very freeing. For most of my dyeing I measure very carefully to a tenth of a gram or a milliliter.

I think I have this gradation thing down, although I still need to adjust the steps. The 2 steps on the left, .05 and .25 owg*, are too close together. The other steps, from left, are 3, 6 and 12 owg. I think I will eliminate .05 and add 1.5 owg for the next batch. Perhaps I will get a better gradation.

*owg means "of the weight of goods" and is a measure of the depth of shade.

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Kim S said...

More yummy fabric!!! I may have to try this...

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