Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This week's output (so far)

Busy week so far. Monday, I dyed a seven step gradation. It took all day, but I think I worked the kinks out so it should go faster when I dye another gradation today:

Over the weekend, I pieced together my shibori project from the Jan Myers-Newbury class:

I need to dye another pole or two to finish the left and right border. I'll post another picture when it's completely finished.


Kim S said...

Your fabrics are sooo yummy! I bought a bunch of dye supplies a few years back, but am too chicken to try it on my own :-( Maybe someday.

Heather P said...

Kim, you should dig them out. It is so much fun -- almost as fun as piecing. OK, maybe for me more fun than piecing!

Stitchwhiz said...

I love these! And the Ohio sunrise, too. You live such a creative life - may the force be with you:-)

Gunilla Sundström Sweden said...

Hi, I really hope to see it finished.I liked how it turned out the last hour in our workshop with Jan.

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