Saturday, February 28, 2009

Improvisational Log Cabin

I had some time this week to work on a new project of my own, an improvisationally pieced log cabin quilt. The center of each log cabin block is one of my hand dyed fabrics, which I dribbled with two shades of red, fuschia and ecru. I used commercial prints (the white polka dots on black and the tiny black polka dots on white), commercial batiks, antique kimono silks and some of my own hand dyed fabrics and batiks.

Here it is on my improvisational design wall (which doubles as my extra rolls of batting):

And here it is put together:

It is intentionally unsquare in shape. I hope to have time to quilt it this week.

The amaryllis in my studio has broken into bloom:

It is cold here today. Hopefully winter's last gasp!

2 more quilts by Cindy

Two more quilts I quilted this week for one of my favorite quiltmakers, Cindy. the first is a beautiful Christmas quilt, which I quilted with the pantograph called "Heartstrings":

A closeup of the quilting:

A "Pledge of Allegiance" quilt:

I quilted this one with freehand stars and loops:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Work Part 2

A few more of my fiber art pieces that I finished last week. First, "Purple Sun." I made the top during a class with Joe Cunningham:

I quilted flames in the oranges and swirly batik and an angular pattern in the purple:

The second is a top I pulled out of my personal "to be quilted" pile, which has been growing over the last two years. Some of them are actually starting to turn into compost (not really. But the quilts on the bottom are really really old). This first one is a star made entirely of half square triangles:

The quilting in the star shows up better on the back. I did CC (continuous curve) in the half square triangles:

I quilted feathers in the background, swirls in the inner border and feathers in the outer border:

This quilt may look really familiar, and if so, it's for a very good reason. It's very similar to the quilt I gave Carol for her 50th birthday. Brian loved it, so I made another. I'm calling it "Solar Dance II":
I'm back to quilting client quilts this week. But maybe I can sneak another of mine on the frame...

New Work Part 1

I quilted 5 of my own small fiber pieces last week. It was wonderful! And so much fun -- I love to be able to "play" and experiment. Can't do that on a client quilt.

The first is "Fractures #4." I played with different patterns in all of the different pieced sections:

A couple of closeups. Some of the quilting was angular, some was very amoeba-like:

"Block Study #7" was quilted in a similar fashion. I had a great time "inventing" new patterns to go in the different sections:

I used some beautiful fabric on the back. It's a commercial print, but the colors and patterns make me very happy. And the quilting shows up really well:

I also quilted "Block Study #6," but it has already been sent to Dallas for the Dallas Quilt Celebration. It starts March 13. I'll get pictures of it hanging there!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Finished several client quilts!

I've been quilting up a storm these last two weeks, in part because Boomer and I are banished to the studio. Workmen are repairing our pier and beam foundation, and Boom and I prefer to stay upstairs where it is much less messy and noisy. I'm actually current on client quilts, and have even quilted a few of my own pieces. Hooray!

I'll just show a few of the client quilts right now. Cindy gave me two little gems to quilt for her. The first is a "Fabulous Fall" quilt:

I quilted the quilt with an overall of curly-swirls, leaves and butterflies:

The second quilt was a cute Mother Goose baby quilt. I quilted it with a starflower and swirls:

The whole quilt -- soooo cute!
I'll show pictures of some of my own quilts tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Carol's 50th

We had a great time at John and Carol's home in Midland. We celebrated Carol's 50th birthday with champagne, an elegant dinner and some unique birthday gifts. This one was from Janet:

The weather was lovely, and we spent a lot of time in Carol's beautiful garden. Brian and Carol:

It's good to be home. Boomer was certainly is glad that we are back!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy and productive Valentine's day!

Brian and I had a great Valentine's day. Brian worked in the garden, and I actually quilted one of my own quilts! This is "Solar Dance," and I am giving it to a friend for her 50th birthday tomorrow:

The amaryllis that Pop gave us for Christmas is blooming. It is a dark, velvety red, really gorgeous. I like the way the light shines through it in the afternoon:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First signs of spring...

Signs of spring in our garden:

Carpenter Stars

I just finished quilting two carpenter star quilts for two different clients. They were almost exactly alike -- but that's only natural since my clients are good friends and made these together! They were fun to quilt -- the ladies wanted feathers, and I love to quilt feathers!

I quilted curly "c" feathers in the borders. They show up better on the back:

I did cc (continuous curve) in the half square triangles and feathers in the white spaces:

Here's the second one in progress. You can see the stars created by the cc reflected in the mirror. I love the way these turned out!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

T-Shirt Quilt and Fracture #5

Finished a t-shirt quilt for a client last week -- I think it's a very pretty setting. Beautifully pieced, and a pleasure to quilt, too.

I also started "Fracture #5", but I'm not very happy with it yet. I wanted to play with complementary colors, but I think it's too stark. May need to overdye or stamp it. Any suggestions?

This week I have two custom carpenter star quilts to quilt. I'll post a picture of one of them when I finish.

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