Friday, February 12, 2010

Beautiful, but deadly

Well, it has finally stopped snowing. We got 8" of wet, gloppy, heavy snow. This was my view out the back door at 6 am:

Brian came home from work early yesterday (the roads were becoming increasingly icy), and we made a snowman. We hadn't made a snowman for many many years:

Jaunty fellow, isn't he?

But the storm was very destructive. All of our live oak trees (we have three large trees and one medium size tree) have pretty major damage. The largest, which is in the middle of the front yard, is the worst. One of the trunks (there were two big trunks) split and fell:

Hard to tell from the picture, but that piece on the ground is HUGE.

The other three live oaks have broken branches. Nothing quite as big as the one pictured above, but still very sad.

Our magnolia has one broken limb. It doesn't look too bad.

I enjoyed the snow, but I'm really not enjoying the aftermath. Rats!


vivian said...

Sorry about the trees! I am waiting for our snow-nothing like what a lot of the country has experienced-it's supposed to be here in a couple hours. I don't think we will have enough for a snowman!

Jay said...

I am so sorry to hear about your trees! I don't know how we got by so lucky...our huge live oak was just covered....weighted down to the ground, but as far as we can see, no damage. These big guys are so irreplaceable!

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