Thursday, April 15, 2010

Turtle disaster!

I hate to report that something attacked the turtles Monday night. The creature, whatever it was, was strong enough to move some large rocks (which I can barely lift!) and to dig down into Charlie's turtle house. Poor Charlie is ok, sort of. He lost his right front leg, but the vet says he will be fine. But he will now be handicapped, poor guy!

Charlie himself doesn't seem too concerned about his missing limb. He seems to get around just fine, and he resents the fact that he has to be confined to a box for at least a week until his stitches come out.

I called a pest control company, and we've placed live traps all over the back yard. And re-secured the larger turtle house, where Emma and Tug spend their nights.

The pest control tech thinks it was probably a raccoon. Hopefully we'll catch the perpetrator and relocate him to another part of the county.


Kim S said...

Poor Charlie!!! I hope he's better soon and that you get what ever attached him...


Heather P said...

Thank you, Kim. He'll be ok, but no luck with the traps yet. Darn!

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