Thursday, April 1, 2010

Turtle time!

First turtle sighting of 2010! It's Charlie, newly awakened from his annual hibernation!

If you look closely, you can see he has food all over his chin. He was very hungry, and very glad to see me.

I had a great day yesterday. Not only did I see Charlie (I was worried about the turtles -- it's been a very cold and wet winter) but I also spent the day batiking fabric. I got out the wax pot and tried out my new tjaps (pronounced "chops"). My favorite is of course the turtle. Looks like Charlie, doesn't it? The original fabric was pale yellow, overdyed in fuchsia.

I also found a tree border tjap. I printed it in more or less straight lines on pale gray fabric and overdyed it in fuchsia.

I also have a new fish tjap. You may have to squint to see the fish. His tail is to the right, nose facing left. This fabric was mottled yellow, green and white, overdyed in turquoise.

Not enough contrast, I think. I'll have to try this one again.

It was beautiful out (almost too warm, but with a nice breeze) and I spent most of the afternoon outside dye painting 18 half yard pieces of PFD cotton. I'll be using them next week for shibori dyeing.

This week's bouquet of tulips. I really love orange tulips:

This morning (Thursday) I saw Tug poking his little green head out of the turtle house. So my back yard is coming alive in every way!

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Jay said...

Your turtles are wonderful!! And the batiking is great! Thanks for bringing the tools to our meeting to share! Enjoy!

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