Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Charlie is free!

The stitches came out today, and Charlie has returned to the back yard. He had a great time exploring, and then disappeared into the newly rebuilt turtle house.

More Flowers!

Brian sent me flowers last Friday! He waited to send them until the week after my surgery:

Lots of flowers blooming outside, in spite of the heat and dry weather. The first two are species lilies:

A new echinacea, I believe it is the one called "midnight:"

Our first vegetable harvest. Actually, there were six jalapenos. We made salsa with the other five. We found the fossil in the backyard last summer when digging a new bed:

More daylilies. The early varieties are finished, and now the midseason ones are blooming:

I took by Motif quilt apart once again, and reassembled several sections. I'm much happier with it now:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


One of the only good things about being sick and having surgery is that people send you flowers. Lots of flowers. These gorgeous flowers are from my brother in law, Bruce:

These are from the folks at Brian's office:

And these are from my bridge partner, Ann:

Motif quilt top finished...

I've been working, a little each day, on the motif quilt that I started during my class at the Crow Timber Frame Barn. I'm still getting tired very quickly, so it's taken all week, but I think I've finally finished the top. Sorry about the horrid picture -- it is slightly longer than my design wall and I didn't get it pinned up too well -- it looks very wavy and I'm pretty sure it's flat.

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