Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reworked Work

I mentioned recently (either here or on my SAQA-U wiki) that I was very unhappy with several of the Sticks series tops. With the help of my friend Susie Monday, I think I have improved them.

I went to Susie's one weekend in July for a UFO workshop. Everyone brought projects that they were stuck on, and Susie helped us get unstuck. My pieces were already pieced, so I mainly was interested in using surface design techniques to "fix" them.

Susie agreed that Sticks 5 was too in your face bright. So we overdyed it in golden brown. Much improved:

I felt that Sticks 12 just needed a little more detail. Susie suggested stamping over sections of the top and adding a silk screened petroglyph motif:

I also brought some fabrics and stamps to play with. This is a fish rubbing (I had a rubber flounder about 12 inches from nose to tail) on a piece that I had batiked with a fish tjap:

Susie is great. I heartily recommend her classes. Take one if you can -- you'll come away refreshed and inspired!

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