Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SAQA North Texas Circle meeting

The North Texas Circle of SAQA met on Saturday for the first time in nearly a year. We had 8 members attend, and we had a fabulous time sharing our work and exploring the SAQA and SAQA-U websites. I hate to show other people's original work on my blog, so I chose this picture of Kathy (my Texas co-rep) showing just a sliver of her quilt. It's being held up by Penny and Julie.

Kathy and I became Texas co-reps in June, and are really excited about getting a group going here in the Northern part of Texas. San Antonio, Austin and Houston have active circles. We have just sent out a survey to area members to ascertain what they want out of a group. We'll let you know when we get the results.

You can see what is happening SAQA-wise in Texas by reading our blog. We'll keep you posted!


Bee said...

I enjoyed this get-together very much and look forward to the next time we meet!

Heather P said...

Thanks! I enjoyed meeting you, too!

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