Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cape Cod Vacation, Part 1

We have been visiting my father in law in Eastham, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. It was a wonderful trip, and this year we decided to spend several days in Boston. We took the ferry from Quincy, and I loved approaching Boston from the sea:

Pop is a big Red Sox fan, and had never been to Fenway Park. We decided it was high time for him to make his first visit:

It was a wild game, certainly not a pitchers' battle, and the Red Sox won. I snapped a photo of Brian in front of the "green monster" after the game:

Quincy Market:

On our second day in Boston, we toured the USS Constitution:

I liked this fellow in the museum next to the ship:

Back on the Cape, we had a lovely lunch with Dot and took a postprandial walk through the salt marsh near Rock Harbor:

I love the dramatic clouds and the flatness of the marsh and the bay beyond:

Brian, Pop and Dot on the boardwalk:

To be continued...

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Joy Palakkal said...

Wow!! Beautiful snaps!!
Have A Nice Week end!!

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