Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cape Cod Vacation, Part 1

We have been visiting my father in law in Eastham, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. It was a wonderful trip, and this year we decided to spend several days in Boston. We took the ferry from Quincy, and I loved approaching Boston from the sea:

Pop is a big Red Sox fan, and had never been to Fenway Park. We decided it was high time for him to make his first visit:

It was a wild game, certainly not a pitchers' battle, and the Red Sox won. I snapped a photo of Brian in front of the "green monster" after the game:

Quincy Market:

On our second day in Boston, we toured the USS Constitution:

I liked this fellow in the museum next to the ship:

Back on the Cape, we had a lovely lunch with Dot and took a postprandial walk through the salt marsh near Rock Harbor:

I love the dramatic clouds and the flatness of the marsh and the bay beyond:

Brian, Pop and Dot on the boardwalk:

To be continued...

Cape Cod Vacation, Part 2

Windmill Weekend in Eastham is a fun event. We always enjoy the annual sand sculpture contest. This fellow won best of show:

And there is always a parade. Pop and I are trying to keep warm while we wait for it:

To my mind, a good parade always includes a pipe band:

These folks were very entertaining:

Of course, being New England, no parade would be complete without a unit of Minutemen:

Mostly, since the weather was mild and mostly sunny, we hung out with Pop, enjoying his house in the woods:

We did spend a morning picking up interesting rocks and flotsam on Duck Harbor Beach:

And one afternoon, we drove down to Chatham (where incidentally, Brian and I spent our honeymoon 31 years ago) to see if we could spot the seals that have been seen around the harbor. Can you see them?

A closeup:
As always, we had a wonderful time. I can't wait to go back next fall!

Home again!

We have been visiting Brian's father on Cape Cod this month. In fact, we got home just in time for me to work at the Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild quilt show. I'll post pictures from our trip later, but for now, two "welcome home" shots.

Boomer was glad to see us. In fact, he is making sure that we can't pack this suitcase again:

Brian and his squirrel friend saying hello:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trinity Valley Quilt Show this weekend!

Come see us this weekend at the Trinity Valley Quilt Show!

Amon Carter Exhibit Hall
Fort Worth, Texas
Friday, September 17th through Sunday, September 19th

My entries:

Sticks 5

Sticks 4

Sticks 3

Motif #1

Motif #2
Circles and Wedges
Sticks 8
Sticks 7
See you there!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kay's quilt

I just finished quilting this beautiful lone star quilt for Kay:

Kay had the great idea of quilting a leaf in each diamond. It was very labor intensive, but well worth it for the final effect:

I echoed around the applique sections, and did a flower and leaf pattern in the border:

Fall Flowers!

After a very hot, dry summer our garden is finally starting to come back to life. On Thursday (incidentally Brian's birthday) we got over 2 inches of rain and a wonderfully cool air mass moved into the area. The garden immediately seemed to spring back to life.

These cacti are of course not in the garden, but by the front door:

It must be fall if the asters are starting to bloom:

This crinum has been in for three years. This is the first year it has bloomed. I love the bright fuchsia stamens:

The Rhodolphia, or "Schoolhouse Lily" comes up every year. In the fall, it only sends up the blooming stalks:

I love autumn! The mums are all budding, the roses are starting to bud again, and the light is almost golden. My favorite time of year!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cindy's quilt

I just returned this wonderful Christmas star to Cindy. Very scrappy, very cool!

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