Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Moon!

Saturday was the evening of the super moon. Brian snapped this image as it rose over our house:
We also have a new backyard resident. This little fellow has been sitting on the statue's nose every sunny afternoon for the past week:

It was a busy week...

Filled with work on another tuning fork quilt, some client quilting, and a wonderful day spent dyeing fabric! The fabric dyeing was the highlight -- I've been trying for two years to dye a gradation of gray that was neither cool nor warm, and I finally did it!

I also tested three different PFD fabrics to see which I liked the best. I threw a yard of each into a pot of yellow-green and a pot of gold. It turns out I like the fabric I've been using, P & B special dyers muslin, the best after all:

And I also dyed a red-orange gradation and an eggplant gradation that I'll be able to use in the current turning fork piece:

I quilted a lovely quilt for Willadean:

And Brian sent me flowers for no particular reason:

So, really, it was a busy and really wonderful week!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Turtles Are Awake!

At least, Charlie is up from his winter hibernati0n. He was peeking out from under a pile of live oak leaves (it's the time of year that they fall en masse) so I didn't get a good picture. His little head looks too much like a fallen leaf. But I am so glad to see him! It's been a very cold, icy winter (for North Texas) and I was worried about the turtles, especially my poor little three legged Charlie!

Dallas Quilt Show

Wendy and I went over to the Dallas Quilt Celebration today. We had a wonderful time -- we did a little shopping, saw some wonderful friends from Houston (Sharron, Lonnie and Kathleen, it was so good to see you! I'm glad we had a chance to spend a little time together!), and admired the quilt exhibit.

I had entered three quilts in the "Master Art" division, and was very excited to see that Block Study #2 had won an Honorable Mention:

And Syd's quilt, "Procrastination" also won a ribbon. Her grandmother pieced the eight-pointed star blocks, Syd put the quilt together and I quilted it. It was entered in the "Group" category:

I bought some indigo dyed fabric and some silk scraps in a wonderful assortment of colors. I'm feeling inspired -- time to get upstairs and to get to work!

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's nearly Spring!

According to the calendar it is still winter, but we are enjoying mild days and cool nights here in Northern Texas. Brian and I spent the weekend working in the yard, cleaning out and re-mulching the flower beds, and we were amazed by both the flowers popping out and the perennials leafing out.

A Texas redbud:

We have several small saucer magnolias. This one is in the front yard, where it gets a little more sun. The one in the backyard is still budding:

Forsythia on the sunny side of the house:

In Ohio, where I grew up, I seem to remember the forsythia blooming before the leaves came out. Here, every year, it blooms and leafs out simultaneously. Not quite as showy, but still lovely!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A visit

Our friends from Colorado came to visit last weekend. The weather was beautiful! We took a hike in Dinosaur State Park in Glen Rose. The girls were fascinated by the dinosaur footprints in the Paluxy River:

The park is lovely, and we hiked from the river up onto a ridge:

I'm afraid Boomer wasn't a very congenial host. He likes the girls, but really wasn't impressed by the two canine visitors. He kept a wary eye on them:

A late Valentine...

Finally downloaded pictures from my camera. Brian gave me this rose on Valentine's Day:

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