It was a busy week...

Filled with work on another tuning fork quilt, some client quilting, and a wonderful day spent dyeing fabric! The fabric dyeing was the highlight -- I've been trying for two years to dye a gradation of gray that was neither cool nor warm, and I finally did it!

I also tested three different PFD fabrics to see which I liked the best. I threw a yard of each into a pot of yellow-green and a pot of gold. It turns out I like the fabric I've been using, P & B special dyers muslin, the best after all:

And I also dyed a red-orange gradation and an eggplant gradation that I'll be able to use in the current turning fork piece:

I quilted a lovely quilt for Willadean:

And Brian sent me flowers for no particular reason:

So, really, it was a busy and really wonderful week!