Sunday, May 8, 2011

Back from New Mexico

I've been in New Mexico, with my bridge buddies. Judy, one of our regular foursome, has a wonderful house in Alto. It's perched on top of a ridge, with a view of Sierra Blanca from the front windows and a pine filled canyon from the back balconies. It was cool and lovely, and we played lots of bridge.

One day we decided to take the long, roundabout, scenic route to Cloudcroft to the south. On our way, we stopped at Three Rivers Petroglyph Site. 20,000+ pictures were carved into basaltic rocks on several ridges by the Jornado Mogollon indians 600 or so years ago. We climbed the ridges and had a great time examining the petroglyphs. Here is a bighorn sheep pierced by arrows:

A jolly looking man:

Another animal. Sheep, horse, deer or goat?

Ginna, Ann and I had lunch at the Cloudcroft Lodge. What a cool place!


Jay said...

Very cool pcs!! I love Indian lore! Glad you had a good trip and are home now!

Heather P said...

Jay, it was so so much fun running around the ridges, discovering more petroglyphs! I love that kind of stuff, too!

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