Friday, December 7, 2012

Catching up (once again!)

November was a month to remember.  It started at IQF in Houston, where I had a wonderful time.  But the day after I got home, I was in an automobile accident -- broadsided at an intersection.  My injuries were minor (sprains and bruises) but my car was very damaged.   I still haven't gotten it back.

We spent Thanksgiving week in Colorado, and as always it was wonderful.   Our friends have a beautiful house perched on a mountainside, and the sunsets are often spectacular.

The view from the deck
The day after Thanksgiving, we went on our annual hike through the National Forest to find the perfect tree.  Only 17 feet tall this year, a piece of cake to haul down the trail.  And the weather was cooperative for once -- sunny and mild.  Brian and I found a small tree to bring back to Texas (about 3 feet tall).

This last week I spent in Central Texas with my best friend, Kyra.  We had a great time -- did a little sewing, a lot of cooking (at least Kyra did -- she's a great cook) and spent hours just talking and catching up on each others' life.  
Chicken and leek pie
I was in Central Texas to meet the other Texas SAQA reps in LaGrange for a meeting with Karey Bresenham.  We are planning an all-Texas SAQA event at the Creativity Center.  And Karey opened the Texas Quilt Museum for us (it is normally only open Thursday through Sunday).  It was fabulous!

So now I'm home and trying to get my house ready for Christmas.  And gifts wrapped and in the mail. And Christmas cookies baked.  I guess I'll go put on some Christmas music to get me in the mood!

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