Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Two Weeks at the Barn

This time I spent one week in a color workshop with David Hornung.  We were studying classic color theory, and spent a thoroughly messy week mixing paints, making collages (glue and I should never be in close proximity -- I end up sticking to everything and everything sticks to me) and in general having a wonderful time.  And learning a great deal about colors and the undertones of colors that will greatly help me in my work.
 Class work on the wall,  day 2 or 3
David gave us a picture.  Our assignment was to mix the colors we saw in the
photo and to make a color inventory.  We finished with two collages using the CI.
Last day:  free studies.  Really really fun!
Great class!  David teaches art at Adelphi University, and has written a book called Color: A Workshop for Artists and Designers.

I also took "Lines, Curves, Circles and Figure/Ground" with Nancy.  Another great class.  We finished with this great big piece, which is approximately 90 inches square unsewn.
I decided to be playful and try lots of different things in my piece.  Of course, I made this decision after spending a day and a half sewing lines into the lower left corner.  Slow slow slow process.  And frankly, I was sick of sewing lines. So for the next quarter I made pieced arcs (yes, I know they don't really go together.  I was just trying things out), and then tried another liney technique in the upper right.  Which quarter do you like the best?  Which should I use in the "real" piece?


mad elena said...

Love your experiments! Go Heather! The skinny lines in the upper right and the bold lines in the upper right quadrant of the bottom right circle would make a fabulous combo!

Quilt or Dye said...

Don't you just love going to the barn?

Heather P said...

Yes, I do! It's the perfect place to recharge your creative batteries.

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