Friday, September 20, 2013

Trinity Valley Quilt Guild 2013 Show

I've just returned from the awards ceremony at the TVQG annual quilt show.  

Tuning Fork #12 won first place!  And, to make my day complete, String Theory won second, Ruins #1 won third and ModLogs won an honorable mention.

There were some beautiful quilts in the art category -- honestly, I wasn't the only entrant.  I am totally overwhelmed by my awards.

And, honestly, feeling a little guilty.  I am currently taking a class on goal setting from Lisa Call, and during our first week we are examining our "be do have" list and our underlying core values.  I have no trouble with the "do" list and the "have" list, but the "be" list has me stumped.  What am I?  The other day someone asked me what I do and my answer was, "I'm kind of an artist."  Why did I say that?  I have sold quilts, exhibited in galleries, been in national quilts shows, even won awards in national quilt shows and I still say that I am kind of an artist.  Why do I feel like such a fraud when I say I am an artist?


Norma Schlager said...

I know what you mean. I also have a hard time and usually say "I'm a fiber artist" and then have to explain the whole thing. But we ARE artists and should be proud of it. You know that I love your work. Kudos on your well deserved ribbons!

Jay said...

I agree with Norma....You are best known artist in your field that I know!!! And...congratulations on your sweep...i am sorry to say I am missing the whole show this year...we just got back in town this evening and I have too much to do the next couple of days to get in for it. Please post more pictures of your other entries! See you at studioQ in a week or so?

Penny Schine Gold said...

Congrats on all the prizes--great affirmation!!

I think it's maybe harder to say "I'm an artist" if that comes after years of having another identity. How about answering "I make art"? I think saying that for a while might effect a transition to "I am an artist"

mad elena said...

Heather, you are an artist to the bone!
Congratulations on the guild show sweep. You didn't let anyone else get a ribbon, did you?! You've been ready for prime time for a long time.

I have no problem calling myself an artist. But hesitate when queried. It often becomes a multi-step answer. No, I'm not a painter, I work with fabric. If "quilt" comes out, then there's the immediate association with function, i.e. bed quilts, rather than art. Depending on the company, sometimes I'd rather keep quiet.

Heather P said...

Ellen, perhaps that part of the problem. The medium is generally considered crafty. And peoples' eyes glaze over when I launch into my explanation of "art quilting". I've started to carry small pictures of a few of my quilts, and I am very proud of myself, I actually pulled them out when someone asked about my work last night. They weren't what she expected, she looked very surprised.

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