Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild

I recently joined the Fort Worth chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild.  I'm finding it a really wonderful group.  Several friends from my fiber art group have also joined, so I am among kindred spirits.  And the room is full of a great deal of excitement, enthusiasm and energy that has been missing in the more traditional quilt guilds I have belonged to.

Last night, members unveiled their Michael Miller challenge pieces.  There were quite a few participants, including my friends Jay and Rhonda.

And we had a teeny tiny quilt exchange.  Each participant had to pick a charm square out of a bag and use it to make a small piece.  A mug rug, which as I understand it is a largish coaster.
 My contribution is in the bottom row, second from the right.  It was one of the smaller ones, but it was rather large in coaster terms.  7 1/2" square.  And this is the one I received in return, made by Jenn:
I've put it in my studio, on my sewing table, so that I can put my coffee mug or water glass on it while I work.  Cool!