Two new smallish pieces

I spent last week at Kyra's house in Round Rock.  We always have a great time together.  And, as a bonus, I even get work done.  While Kyra works (she works at home), I sew.  I worked on two small projects, and finished one top.  The other I finished this afternoon here at home.  Here they are:

 The first is Subdivisions #2.  I pieced this using the color palette I chose for the Fort Worth fiber group.
Subdivisions #2, 21" x 37"
I love this palette, but I'm not sure about this piece.  I may need to make a second piece to see if I can do a better job.  Perhaps I need a "do-over."  Or as my golfing brother and father used to say, a "Mulligan."

The second piece is the piece I really needed to get done last week.  And I did.  This is Tuning Fork #23, which is the piece I am donating to the International Quilt Festival Silent Auction in Houston.  I hope to quilt it tomorrow, and have it ready to send to Houston within the next two weeks.
Tuning Fork #23, 18" x 21"


Jay said…
Very the one for the Color Chip Challenge at studioQ?
Quilt or Dye said…
Sorry, but I think you are right about needing a Mulligan. It just needs....something in and around that dead zone.
Heather Pregger said…
Yes, Jay -- it's for the color chip challenge. I took this picture with my iPad and the colors are a little off.

Don't be sorry! I totally agree. I think what bothers me is that the colors are too evenly distributed. It needs more of a focus, with a few accents. In fact, I think I'll postpone quilting TF 22 (which is what I SHOULD be doing) and go play with this palette some more....
Sarah Craig said…
Those are just beautiful, Heather! So much color in such a little piece. Whoop whoop!!