Monday, August 25, 2014

What a week!

The last eight days have been crazy.  I've been working hard trying to finish TF 22 -- 2 1/2  days quilting and two days sewing the facing, sleeve and label on.  I've hosted the August meeting of the SAQA North Texas Circle, I've attended the meeting of the Fort Worth Fiber group, studioQ, and I've presented the program at two quilt/fiber groups in DFW.  Yikes!

The SAQA meeting was great, but I didn't get any good pictures.  In fact, the meeting was so interesting that I forgot to take any, except one exceedingly blurry picture that I snapped at the end.  But take my word for it, it was a really good meeting.

On Thursday, I gave a program on the two types of improvisational piecing I do for the Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild.  The audience was young and enthusiastic, and my quilts looked really pretty spread out on tables after the talk.
 Today, Monday, I attended studioQ.  We showed our latest challenge pieces, which were made using the palette I chose.  Here is Rhonda showing her piece:
 And here is Kay's:
 Bethany showed a lovely quilt that she had made for her daughter:
 Monday evening, I attended Dallas Area Fiber Artists (DAFA).  In the workshop before the meeting, we made a spirit doll.  Here is mine:
 I especially liked her posed on top of the mannequin:
 And then I showed the assembled members the SAQA Texas traveling exhibit quilts.  Deborah and Sherrie helped show them, and helped talk about the techniques the artists used to construct them.

Now it is late.  I haven't been home since 9 this morning.  Time for bed!

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