Friday, February 14, 2014

Big Figure #7 Finished!

What a difference a week makes!  I am back to my normal self, and had a very productive week.

First, I finished quilting Big Figure #7, which had been in progress when I got sick.  I even finished the facing!  My New Years resolution is to do the finishing work right after I finish quilting.  Otherwise, I get ready to show a quilt and arrrrgghhhhh!  It needs the facing, sleeve and binding attached.  I'm going to try very hard to avoid those little crises.
Big Figure #8, 38" x 42", 2014

Detail 1 (complete with superfluous thread)

Detail 2
I also managed to do some "office" work.  I have updated my website and have sent in entries to several shows.  All in all, a good week!

I have discovered that it is much more fun doing the finishing work, which I find very tedious,  if you have something fun on the television.  I am fully immersed in the Olympics.  And thanks to my DVR, I can enjoy the non-headlining sports (like biathalon, ski jumping and cross country skiing) at my leisure.  Ahhh, technology!  It's grand!

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Review of my program on the Dallas Area Fiber Artists blog

The latest DAFA blog post has photos from my program January 24th!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tuning Fork #17 is finished....

...except for the facing and label.
Tuning Fork 17, 30.5" x 46.5", 2014
Tuning Fork 17, detail
Monday, I sewed the last few rows together and made a back.  Tuesday and Wednesday I quilted it, in a mauvey gray thread that went perfectly with the grayed mauves I'd used in the quilt.  I had another quilt to quilt, Big Figure #7, so before lunch on Wednesday I made a back for it.  I was feeling very cheerful.  Brian left for Houston on Wednesday morning, and I had two days to sew.  No cooking, no getting up at 6 am (unless I felt like it), my time was entirely my own.  I had a list of studio tasks I wished to get done.  I came down from the studio for lunch Wednesday, and the whole plan fell apart.

I got sick.  I've spent the last day and a half on the couch.  What a waste of a couple of good sewing days.

I feel slight better tonight (Thursday).  I'm hoping the worst is past.  We'll see.

One last picture, a totally new experience for me, I took a young friend to a ceramic place a couple of weeks ago.  We painted bowls.  I loved it, and I'm now wondering if I need to have a young adult along to justify going.  Would it be odd to turn up by myself?  I love my bowl.  Here it is filled with udon soup with fried tofu.
I'm off to bed.  Hopefully I'll be able to be more productive tomorrow.

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I grew up in the snow belt, along the shores of Lake Erie, so you wouldn't think I'd be very excited to see snow.  Indeed, my oldest friends and my brother in Ohio are all complaining about the abundant snow fall so far this winter.  And I sympathize with them, really I do.  But other than one really nasty ice storm, and several episodes of very cold rain, we have had a boring, snowless winter.  I like snow, as long as I can view it from the inside of my nice warm house.  So imagine my delight when I woke up this morning and the world had turned white!
It's noon now and there are still snowflakes falling from the sky.  I love it!

Brian sent me flowers last week.  Aren't they lovely?
And Boomer decided that I wasn't going to leave home to make the presentation at Dallas Area Fiber Artists.  At least not without him.
He is sitting, by the way, on the very first quilt I ever made back in 1980.  And the other bin is topped by the antique quilt that stirred my interest in quilting.  It's an antique "robbing Peter to pay Paul", and Brian and I received it as a wedding present in 1979.  I was fascinated by that quilt, so much so that I bought a book on antique quilts.  No instructions, just picture after picture of beautiful quilts. After looking at all of the pictures, I decided to learn how to make a quilt and signed up for a beginning quiltmaking class.  One of the best decisions I've ever made!  Quilting has brought me a great deal of pleasure during the last 30+ years, from my traditional beginnings to my current art quilting career.  I can't imagine life without quilts!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Week That Was....

 I had a wonderfully busy week.  It started Monday night, when I presented the program, "The Evolution of an Art Quilter" at Dallas Area Fiber Artists.  I showed my work from the antique quilt that inspired me to take a beginning quiltmaking class, through my latest art quilt.  I certainly hope they enjoyed hearing it as much as I enjoyed presenting it.  Thank you, Sherrie, for taking a few pictures for me!
I'm showing a quilt made from one of the Itza Beach patterns,
"All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go".
 Kyra and I  were  Itza Beach from 2001 to 2007 or so.
I went directly from the DAFA meeting to the TVQG annual retreat on Lake Texoma.  Literally.  I got there about 11 pm.

My goal was to work on a smallish quilt using a mauvey-gray and blue violet palette.  I started making Tuning Forks on Tuesday morning.  As always, I started in the upper left corner and got larger and darker as I worked toward the bottom right corner.  That gradation always makes me happy.
Late Tuesday I auditioned some blue-violet fabric.  Hmmm.  Might work.
I added a few blue-violet light value tuning forks to balance the bright blue-violet I intended to add.  So far so good.
 By Wednesday evening, I thought it was looking pretty good.
 My original idea was to place one large blue-violet tuning fork over the composition.  But, well, yuck.
 I decided to try a smaller single blue-violet tuning fork in the darker section.  Hmmm.  Might work.
I got the left 2/3 of the quilt sewn together, and the rest is in rows.  Monday morning, I'll hang it on the design wall in my studio and I'll see if it really works....

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