Friday, March 13, 2015

A Great Day at the Dallas Quilt Celebration!

Oh my!  I just got home from the Dallas Quilt Celebration, the annual show put on by the Quilter's Guild of Dallas.  I had entered 4 quilts, and I was unable to go to the Awards Ceremony last night.  So I was very excited to see how well my entries had done.  Well, they had done very well.

"Tuning Fork #22, Dark Waters," won the blue ribbon in the Master Art Division!   
"A New Riff" won both an honorable mention in the same category and a Judge's Choice Ribbon from Gerald Roy.  I am so excited!  I've never won a Judge's Choice before!
 "Tuning Fork #11" and "Tuning Fork 24, Lake Effect"  both won Honorable Mentions in Master Art!
Needless to say, I am thrilled at the awards!  The show was beautiful and the Master Art category had 30+ very strong entries.  Brian and I will be celebrating tonight!


Hilary Florence said...

Congratulations Heather and well deserved. How fantastic to get such recognitinon for all your quilts. Enjoy the celebrations!

Norma Schlager said...

Kudos! All fabulous quilts and well deserved awards.

Kaja said...

Congratulations! How exciting for you.

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