Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break 2015 -- Part 2

We spent a lot of time on the beach in front of our villa.  Swimming, snorkeling and then lounging in our beach chairs.  And Janet and I, both early risers, met for coffee most mornings on the beach.
 We had hauled 8 days worth of food and drinks from Tortola, but our plan was to cook breakfast and dinner and to go out for lunch most days.  So we did.  This is "Flash of Beauty" restaurant, at the east end of Loblolly Bay.  I liked the mix of colors:
 We did explore other parts of the island.  This is Cow Wreck Beach.  Apparently, in the late 19th century a ship carrying cow bones foundered off the coast.  For years afterwards cow bones were washed ashore.  We didn't see any bones, just beautiful shallow water and white sand:
 The most beautiful beach, in my opinion, was at Pomato Point.  I've never seen such beautiful water:
And, once again, we had the beach to ourselves.  
Our evenings were spent making dinner and enjoying happy hour on the ocean side deck of Lavenda Breeze. This was our happy hour view, looking over the beach grapes to the bay:
A beautiful end to the day!

One of the things that sold us on Anegada, besides the isolation, was the snorkeling.  It was supposed to be wonderful, with the best reefs on the island right in Loblolly Bay. And it was, although during Brian's first day snorkeling he came face to face with a 5' barracuda.  Yikes!
 The coral was gorgeous and colorful:
 And we saw lots of colorful fish, such as this trunk fish:
 This little guy was very pretty.  I haven't figured out what he is:
 Every once in while, we came across a very big fish:
 After 8 days on Anegada, we took the ferry back to Tortola.  Brian and I had decided to spend some time in San Juan, Puerto Rico on the way home, so we said goodbye to our friends and headed off in a taxi to the Condado area of San Juan.  We enjoyed wandering around the arts district and had a fabulous meal at Yerba Buena, a Cuban restaurant.  Brian loves Cuban food.
 We enjoyed San Juan, and would like to explore more of Puerto Rico.  Maybe next year!


Maria Shell said...

Great photos Heather! We had snow yesterday. Your pictures really make me want some sun and sand.

Connie in Alabama said...

Love to read about your travel adventures. Your writing and great photos give us a taste of these places.

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