Thursday, July 16, 2015

4 Acceptances!

I've had a really good two weeks!  I had entered quilts in 3 exhibits, and got into all three!

I entered Tuning Fork #20 in the Texas Artist's Coalition Annual show.  It will open August 8 in Fort Worth:
TF 20
I entered Tuning Forks #22 - Dark Waters and #26 - Green Flash in the World of Beauty, the judged show at International Quilt Festival.  Both got in!
TF 26 - Green Flash
TF #22 - Dark Waters
And I was invited to submit a quilt to "Dinner At Eight," a special exhibit that will debut at International Quilt Festival.  The theme was "Affinity".  My quilt is called TF 25 - Magnetic Attraction.  It was accepted!
TF 25 - Magnetic Attraction
So I'll have 3 pieces on display at Houston this year.  Wow!

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

New Work

I've had a very productive week.  First of all, I finally created a Facebook page dedicated to my work.  Check it out HERE. And I also finished sewing 2 quilts in progress and one new piece. Tops only, but I'm excited to have them finished.

First, Subdivision 12. The top is 18" x 28". This piece has been sitting around my studio for months.
 The big mineral quilt. I have blogged about this before (click here to see my earlier post), but briefly, it is what I hope will be the first in a series of quilts based on sketches of mineral thin sections I drew when I was in college.  It is metaperidotite crystals in a dark matrix, and it is currently 58" square.
As I worked on this piece, I started to think about how I would quilt it. Should I quilt fracture lines in the crystal? Should I quilt mineralization zones in the matrix?  Hmmmm.

So I decided to make a small piece, about 25" square, to "test quilt."  I think it is a nice piece in it's own right.
This weekend I'm heading to the Texas Quilt Museum for the new Judith Content exhibit.  So I'll have all weekend to think about the quilting.  Any suggestions?

I'm linking this post to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday, Richard and Tanya's Quilts Link a Finish FridayFriday Fabric FrenzyConfessions of a Fiber Addict and Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday.  Go see all the wonderful work there!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!

 If it's Independence Day, this must be the Berkeley Place 4th of July parade passing by our house!
Every year on the 4th we grab our coffee and sit on the front lawn to watch the parade go by.  Police on horses, dogs dressed like hot dogs, a non-marching band (they play from a flatbed truck), kids on bikes and being pulled in wagons, old cars decorated with bunting.  And lots of neighbors to chat with.

And every year we decorate our house.  After all, it is on the parade route!
We live on a corner, so we have two sides of the house to decorate.  
And we do a little decorating inside, too.  I especially like the flag hung in the window.

Brian and I certainly have lots to celebrate this year.  We've had two fabulous vacations (though Finland was kind of a working vacation for me), we love our jobs, our house, our neighborhood....We are so fortunate!  And last week, Brian bought a new car.  A Cooper Mini in British Racing Green.  
Best of all, we have each other.  We'll be celebrating our 36 anniversary on July 7th.  Wow!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Finland Part 2: Helsinki

We boarded the train in Oulu for the 300-plus mile trip to Helsinki.  It was a rainy morning.
Oulu Station
We had decided to take the train because we wanted to see the Finnish landscape.  And, of course, traveling by train is just plain fun!  As we traveled south, the weather cleared a bit.  And the countryside was beautiful.  Interesting houses, lush green fields, plentiful lakes and extensive stands of birch trees.   

 Helsinki Station is rather grand:
Helsinki Station
We had booked a room at the GLO Hotel Kluuvi, just a block from the Esplanade Park and several blocks from the South Harbor.  It was a great location.  
GLO Hotel Kluuvi
After we checked in, we walked down to the South Harbor and climbed up to the Upenski Orthodox Cathedral, which is perched on a huge granite boulder:
From the base of the big granite boulder
The next morning we explored the Market Square:

We walked around the Harbor area, and watched a thunderstorm roll in from the north.  We took shelter in a very cozy coffee shop on the waterfront:
 After the storm passed through, the day was beautiful!
We visited the Flagship Marimekko store.  And I admit I went a little crazy.  We also chanced upon a artists' co-op called Okra.  The big carrot outside caught my eye and lured us in.

I went a little crazy in there, too.  But it was sooooooo much fun!

We ate dinner in a little gastropub called Bryggeri.  And walking up the alley to get there, we got our first glimpse of Helsinki Cathedral:
After dinner, we walked down the alley to see it:
Helsinki Cathedral
As we wandered through the Esplanade Park back towards our hotel, we stopped to listen to a Dixieland band playing in the bandshell.  The songs were old standards and very familiar, but the patter was, of course, in Finnish.  It was a little disorienting.  And it was a slightly bizarre end to our trip to Finland!

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