Friday, May 22, 2015

On the Design Wall

 I was a geology major in college.  And as such I spent many happy hours in the Mineralogy lab, poring over microscopic thin sections of rocks and minerals.  I found the colors, the shapes, the, well, “flow” of the thin sections to be fascinating.  It was my favorite course ever.  

As part of our course requirements, we had to sketch the thin sections we examined.  So armed with a small sketchbook and a large box of colored pencils, I spent day after day drawing and coloring the different slides.

I recently was cleaning out the closet in my studio and found a box of old notebooks from college.  Most of them I consigned to the recycling bin.  But the gem of the collection was my sketchbook from Mineralogy.  And I was inspired to try to turn some of my sketches into quilts.  

This is my first try.  It is a metaperidotite crystal in a dark matrix.  I pieced the crystal first, and have spent the last week or so adding background piecing.

First, I auditioned backgrounds.  I needed to decided whether I wanted to go dark or light:
I decided dark.  Next, I started piecing the "matrix" or background mineralization, in dark shades of navy, gray, black, burgundy and green.  I used commercial solids, commercial prints (subtle/mucky tone on tone prints) and my hand dyed solids.  The background looks very blue in the pictures, but it really isn't:
Once I got the background placed, I started to piece it to the crystal.  Here 2 sections of background are pieced to one end of the crystal:
 As of 5 pm Thursday.  Three sides of the crystal are attached, the fourth in progress:
 I will build the four corners and then trim it down.  Hopefully before the opening in Finland.  I'm pretty excited about this quilt and hate to leave it!

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Quilt Visions -- an invitation



Artists:   Jane Burch Cochran, Joe Cunningham, Judith Larzelere, Linda Levin, 
Carolyn L. Mazloomi, Paula Nadelstern, Heather Pregger, Dinah Sargeant 

Meillä on ilo kutsua teidät
näyttelyn avajaisiin Oulun taidemuseoon perjantaina 5. kesäkuuta klo 17-19. 

Risto Vuoria, kulttuurijohtaja, Oulun kaupunki

Näyttelyn avaa Jeffrey Reneau, lehdistö- ja kulttuuriosaston päällikkö,
Yhdysvaltain suurlähetystö.

Tanssiesitys Omakuva:
tanssitaiteilija Henna Hanhineva
puvustus Mervi Vainio

We request the pleasure
of your company at the opening
of the exhibition on Friday 5 June
at 5-7 p.m. at the Oulu Museum of Art.  

Welcome speech:
Risto Vuoria, Director of Culture, City of Oulu

The exhibition will be opened by Jeffrey Reneau,
Counselor for Press and Cultural Affairs, Embassy of the United States.

Dance performance “Self-Portrait´:
dance artist Henna Hanhineva
costume Mervi Vainio
Teos: Linda Levin, Central Park West Fall I 

Kasarmintie 9    |    ti−to, la-su 10−17, pe 12−19     |

Friday, May 8, 2015

Quilt Visions - American Modern Quilt Art at the Oulu Museum of Art

I am honored to be included in a group exhibition at the Oulu Museum of Art this summer!

The Oulu Museum of Art is in Oulu, Finland. Oulu is the most populous city in Northern Finland, and there are in fact no larger cities (outside of Russia) that are more northernly. I can't wait to see it!

About 18 months ago I was invited to participate in this exhibit, along with Jane Burch Cochran, Joe Cunningham, Judith Larzelere, Linda Levin, Paula Nadelstern, Carolyn L. Mazloomi and Dinah Sergeant.  Each of us have sent 8 quilts for the exhibit.

From the OMA website:
"The Oulu Museum of Art is proud to present eight American masters of quilt art – including one male artist! – in its summer exhibition. Thanks to the long tradition of quilt art, its high regard and the excellent level of professional artists, the field of quilt arts in the United States is very extensive and varied. The exhibition by the eight artists invited specifically for the occasion sheds light on different methods and techniques of quilt art. The works exhibited deal with different subjects including female, male and Afro-American perspectives, everyday domestic life, big cities and abstract patterns and colours, forming the most comprehensive exhibition focusing on quilt art in Northern Europe to date."
Oulu Museum of Art
 One of the galleries -- pre quilt installation
If you happen to be in Finland this summer, come on by!

I'm linking this post to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday Go see all the wonderful work there!

Thursday, May 7, 2015


I'm just home from Portland, where I attended the Studio Art Quilt Associates "Fiberlandia" conference, an annual meeting where quilt artists gather to talk about their art.  It was fabulous!

As I flew into Portland, I had this stunning view of Mt. Hood.  It was a good way to start the week!
When I arrived in Portland, I almost immediately ran into the three Texas Reps.  Kim Buchmann, Deborah Bright and Teresa Wong.  They were busy strategizing:
My good friend Maria Shell was one of the keynote speakers of the conference.  Her talk on writing proposals and finding grants was fabulous:
I did run into some Texas members at the conference.  There were 7 or so of us there.  Here I am with Lynne Allen, Teresa Wong and Deb Bright:
One of the highlights for me was the walking tour of Portland on Saturday afternoon.  My group visited galleries and fiber exhibits.  This was taken in a gallery in the Pearl District, Blackfish Gallery.  There were featuring art by Clint Brown and Rory O'Neil:
We also visited several fiber art exhibits.  One was "Exploring Layers" in a gallery in Pioneer Place Mall.  One of my favorite pieces was this horse by Christina (Chris) Brown, who posed with her piece for me:
 We also saw an exhibit called "Moving Outside" by the Fiber Rebels.  Chris Brown had a horse in this exhibit, too:
And we saw an exhibit by the "MIX" group, an abstract challenge focussing on a local historic hotel, the Allison Hotel and Spa:
On Sunday afternoon, I went to the Portland Museum of Art with Ivy Jensen and Lynne Allen, and viewed a fabulous display of Italian fashion from the 50s to the present.
I came home brimming with inspiration.  Time to get back to work!

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