Sunday, March 13, 2016

Happy Day!

It's March!  And an unusually nice March here in Northern Texas.  The weather has been mild, we've had abundant rainfall, and the garden looks fabulous.  

Our Mexican Plum is covered with fragrant flowers (and lots of honeybees!).  The scent is strong and sweet.   
Mexican Plum
We've been spending our weekends working on yard cleanup, cutting things back, raking the old mulch up, spreading new mulch.  Last Saturday we uncovered this really odd flower.  At first we thought it was some sort of fungus, but on closer examination, it turned out to be the flower of the Asarum spenders, or Showy Wild Ginger.  I grow it for it's silver-spotted leaves, and had never seen it flower.  Bizarre!
Showy Wild Ginger
In the studio, I freely admit that not much work has been going on.  I've been on a "binding" binge, sewing facings on a pile of accumulated pieces.  I don't like to sew facings, so I often let the pile of quilts grow tall before tackling them.  You would think I'd learn from my past mistakes.  But I'm missing out on an "event" in my studio -- two of my orchids are blooming!

But the happiest thing of all happened this morning.  After 4 months of hibernation, two of the backyard turtles have emerged!  They were very hungry, and had a lovely post-hibernation breakfast of canned turtle food and fresh vegetables.
Shelley the turtle
Vinnie the turtle
The two males were the first to emerge last year, too.  Lizzie seems to be a late sleeper. But I hope to see her soon!

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Jay Dodds said...

Happy to see the boys are back!

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