Wednesday, April 20, 2016

AQS Paducah, the "MarPal," the New Frank Stella Exhibit at the Modern, Main Street Fort Worth Art Festival and the SAQA North Texas Meeting

Lots going on here.  I hardly know where to start.

I guess I'll start with the Honorable Mention I won at the American Quilters' Society Quiltweek in Paducah, Kentucky.  One of the really BIG quilt shows.  So cool!
Tuning Fork #11 in the AQS Paducah show
The Palette of the Month for March (aka the "MarPal") was predominately green in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  I spent most of the month working on a couple of major pieces, which I cannot show at the moment because of exhibition restrictions, but I did manage to make two small pieces in the palette.  Very earthy.
Subdivisions #? (I've lost count temporariliy)
The Riverbank
Brian and I attended the opening reception of a Frank Stella Retrospective at the Modern Museum of Fort Worth last weekend.  Really wonderful!

We also did some shopping at the Main Street Arts Festival in downtown Fort Worth.  
Downtown at dusk 
New acquisition, painted by Scott Olson
SAQA North Texas had its quarterly meeting.  It was great to see everyone!
Phew!  It's been busy.  

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Roberto said...

I'm interested in reserving this place because choosing the right venue which does not favor a specific culture becomes difficult. Halls here have fountains and elaborate pictures. Some Chicago event venues display traditional artifacts and paintings.

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