Wednesday, April 6, 2016

St. Lucia, Part Two

St. Lucia is a beautiful place.  Of the places in the Caribbean I have visited, which admittedly is only a small percentage, it is the most diverse geographically and the most beautiful.

The island is volcanic, and very mountainous.  The highest point is Mount Gimie, 3120 feet.  The Pitons, two mountainous volcanic plugs, are the most famous local landmark, and are located on the western side of the island near the city of Soufriere.
Gros Piton near Soufriere
Our house was on the eastern side.  To get to the west coast you could either drive along the coastal road or your could drive up and over the volcanic spine that ran down the center of the island.  We did both, but I especially enjoyed the drive over the mountains and through the jungle.
The island also boasts the "world's only drive in volcano,"  located near Soufriere.  I'm not sure about the "world's only" part, but it was pretty wonderful.  Bubbling mud pots, fumaroles (steam vents) and a pervading smell of rotten eggs (sulfur).
The world's only drive in volcano
As we drove around the island we passed huge banana plantations.  And the bananas we bought in the market were the best I'd ever tasted -- sweet and creamy.  We also saw lots of cashew trees.  The cashew is the appendage hanging off the bottom of the fruit.  It cannot be eaten raw.
Cashew fruit
Near the town of Micoud we hiked to the La Tille falls.  It was lush and cool, and at one of the ponds or pools there was a rope swing you could use to drop into the water.  I didn't try it.
La Tille falls
Of course, the views of the ocean weren't at all bad.  This is the town of Dennery, seen from a roadside lunch, well, I'd have to call it a shack.  Great food, though.  And you couldn't beat the view.
Dennery harbor
Another view along the Atlantic (east) coast of the island.
Near Dennery
We love to snorkel.  We snorkeled the reef off Anse Chastenet.  And saw a few fish.
The snorkeling wasn't wonderful, but the rest of the island was.  What a beautiful place!

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