Wednesday, September 14, 2016

BBB Part 2

After several nights on the Keweenah, it was time for the real birthday celebration to begin.  We drove to Spread Eagle, Wisconsin, to meet our closest friends at their lake cottage.
Brian's birthday began with a little decorating.  Janet had gone all out on the decorations -- we had balloons, banners and a lovely sash for B to wear.
Everyone was in the spirit
The day included all of the traditional trappings -- B's favorite dinner, champagne, presents, birthday cake -- as well as a sunset cruise on Long Lake.  Even the boat was decorated.
And the sunset was AMAZING.
The next day was the University of Wisconsin's first game of the season.  Erik is a Wisconsin grad and has turned us all into fans.  We got in the spirit.
The Badgers won!
We were in the cottage for 5 days.  It is a beautiful place. And even more beautiful when it's filled with wonderful friends.

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