The Latest Inspiration Pieces

 My fiber art group, studioQ, met last week.  Kay showed us how to dye using ice.  I had never done the technique before, and it was a lot of fun.  We used acid dyes on silk scarves.
Hard at work.
Our inspiration piece for October was chosen by Andrea.  Autumn Trees - the Maple by Georgia O'Keefe, painted in 1924. A piece with a lot of sinuous curves and subtle shading.
Autumn Trees - the Maple by Georgia O'Keefe
I have been reorganizing my studio and unearthing many treasures.  In the process I found some fabric I had painted with thickened dye in shades of fuchsia and black.  I decided to use that in my O'Keefe piece.
Fall in Fort Worth, 17" x 23" (unquilted)
And I managed to produce a piece that has neither sinuous curves nor subtle shading.  Hmmmm.

Here are all of our pieces together:
 I love to see them together.  They are always so different.

Jay and I have been showing our inspiration pictures and pieces at our North Texas SAQA regional meetings for the past year.  The group thought it was a wonderful idea, so we are doing a NT SAQA challenge as well.  Our first piece, chosen by Shelly, was Harran II by Frank Stella, painted in 1967.
Harran II by Frank Stella
I loved the white lines between the colors, so I decided to focus on that.  
Stella! 18" x 18"
It looks a bit circusy to me.  But I still love the white lines.