Baby, It's Cold Outside

I live in Texas.  The northern part of Texas, true, but we're still geographically in the deep south.  And, although I hate the temperatures in August, I love love love the mild winters we usually get in this part of the country.

But, oh my gosh, it's COLD out there today!  In fact, it's the coldest it's been here in several years.  Thirty degrees, and cloudy and damp.  Even though my central heating is in perfect working order, I am cold!  I had to break out a big, warm wool sweater today.  And wool socks.

Yes, you intrepid northerners are thinking that I'm wimpy.  I used to be one of you.  But after 34 years in Texas, I seem to have lost my cold tolerance.

I guess it's a mental thing.  But I think I'll stay home today, drink endless cups of tea, and watch the cold world go by my window.  Sounds like a great plan for a frosty day!


Kathy said…
I'll be sweating putting up the christmas tree, in NZ its summer, don't want to rub it in, just mentioning!