The Christmas Cross Tree

I've had several people ask about the Christmas Cross tree.  So I thought I'd post a few pictures.
The dining room with the tree in the corner
There are now 23 crosses on the tree.  The Saint Thomas Cross was the 45th cross in the series, and, if you remember, my brother has the other 22.
The front of the tree
The back of the tree
Someday soon I'm going to need a larger tree.  But until then, I give it a quarter spin every few days so that I can enjoy all twenty-three crosses.


Jay Dodds said…
What a wonderful Christmas tradition!
Norma Schlager said…
Beautiful! I have a collection of silver ornaments that were given to me by my late husband, one each year. They are not all crosses, some are bells or angels. They go on my big living room tree with other silver, white and god ornaments. And, like you, I love getting them out each year.