New Work

Ahhhh, this is the life!  

I have just returned from four days on a quilting holiday, the annual Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild retreat, on the shores of Lake Texoma.  Four days of nonstop sewing with 83 other quilters.  It's actually pretty wonderful -- the retreat is held in a spa hotel, and we only stop sewing long enough to chat, eat, sleep and, when the back starts to ache from the hours of hunching over a sewing machine, get a massage.  

So last Sunday I picked out fabric, packed my sewing machine and rotary cutter, and headed to Pottsboro, Texas.

I had decided this year that I was going to work on very small pieces.  As a warm up, I started with a piece (very loosely) based on a painting by Joan Miro, our February challenge piece for studioQ.  I have been working on a larger Miro-inspired piece at home, still on the design wall, but I felt the urge to make a smaller one.  It went together quickly. 
Mir piece, approximately 18" x 26"
I have a solo show this summer at the Goodrich Gallery in Dallas.  I will be showing mostly pieces from the geological series.  So I thought the retreat would be a good place to make a few small (hopefully 12" x 12" finished) pieces for the show.  These first two are based on microscopic thin sections of quartz, hematite, siderite and riebeckite.
 This piece is based on a thin section of hematite and fibrous quartz:
Hematite and Fibrous Quartz
The last two are based on a thin section of a mica schist:
Mica Schist #3 
Mica Schist #4
And all together:
Ready to quilt! 
It was a wonderful getaway, but now it's time to get back into my own studio and finish a piece for the SAQA Poster's exhibit.


Maria Shell said…
Very inspirational! Makes me want to stop my procrasti-knitting and clean my studio which desperately needs to happen.
Vera Holmgren said…
Very interesting! Love your art.
Julierose said…
Love those strippy blocks--just great color melding...hugs, Julierose
Barb said…
What a great idea ... leave your quilting studio to do a quilting holiday! You're on fire!
Carol Trice said…
can't wait to see our new works at Goodrich!
Jay Dodds said…
Great look!! Love all your new stuff!
Norma Schlager said…
Great little pieces. Makes me want to get back to doing some skinny piecing.