At the Dallas Quilt Show

Rutile won second place in the Art Category!

I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Lots of beautiful work on display and lots of vendors selling beautiful fabric.  I was going to be strong and not buy anything except thread (I love Superior Omni for machine quilting and I knew they would have a booth), but I ended up bringing a large bag of hand dyed solids home.  So much for my strong resolve!


Marty Mason said…
Congratulations on your winning quilt. Love it. Just remember that there will be other quilt shows where you can constrain yourself and zip your pocketbook.
Anonymous said…
But just think, you helped another fabric artist, who dyed the fabric, keep in business. It wasn't just any old purchase. (Any time you need help rationalizing, 'm available, LOL.) Love your quilt that placed. Congrats!
Norma Schlager said…
Congratulations on your win and enjoy your hand dyed fabric.